Things We Do

Design Thinking

During entrepreneurship, we challenge our students to think outside the box to creatively design solutions which solve problems around us. Some projects we have done in the past include designing a restaurant, creating a custom water bottle and generating creative solutions for various customer profiles.

Raise Chickens

From egg to real life chicken, the experience of seeing new life form was one that nobody will soon forget. Over three weeks, our students learned the developmental stages of chickens. Anxiously awaiting the chicks arrival, our students learned to maintain the perfect conditions for eggs to develop and hatch. Finally, our eggs hatched into exceptionally fluffy chicks, we even got to witness the exact moment that the chicks emerged from their shells!

We also repurposed and redesigned an old luwak cage into a new chicken coop for our babies to transition into. Built from eco-conscious materials, our new chicken coop provides a cozy and dry home for our growing chickens.

Botanical Workshops

Exploring natural health and beauty remedies was an absolute blast during our interactive botanical workshop. We learned how to make shampoo, soap and sunscreen from 100% raw and organic materials.

Interact with Wildlife

Bali is home to many interesting creatures, some of which are toxic to people. We enjoy being able to offer a safe, educational opportunity to learn about some of Bali's most misunderstood species. During an incredible guest appearance by Ron Lilley, our students were able to see a wide variety of arachnids, reptiles, and insects up close. We learned what to do when we come across these creatures in the wild or, occasionally, in our homes.

Marine Biology

Our students asked to learn about sea creatures and our oceans, so we arranged a marine biology course! As a component of our marine biology course, our students participated in a beach clean up & snorkeling scavenger hunt at a local beach. We saw countless species of tropical fish, octopus, rays, and turtles!

Participate in Balinese Culture

Balinese Hinduism is extraordinarily beautiful and complex. We are incredibly fortunate to have several Balinese team members who actively welcome and engage our students in the cultural practices of this province. It is always a pleasure to learn more about the practices and culture of Bali, particularly around Balinese New Year. Each year during Nyepi (Balinese New Year) our students build Ogoh-Ogoh and we host a parade.

First aid Course

Learning essential life-saving skills is an exceptionally effective way to build confidence. Our students gained experience in CPR basics, choking, minor bleeding, and how to keep themselves safe in emergencies.


Everyone enjoys chess class, especially when it's taught by Rodrigo who uses our student's extraordinary imagination to describe chess as an epic tale of battle.


Our exceptional yogini leads all her classes intentionally and mindfully. Students look forward to getting grounded in her sessions.