An education experience rooted in cultivating curiosity.

What we do

We cultivate curiosity and inspire child-driven learning. We intuitively cater to individual learning styles through a variety of kinaesthetic, visual and auditory elements. Our Learning Community was developed with the intention to nurture and grow the holistic child academically, creatively, and emotionally in a responsive and engaging environment.

Our Community

Our community is made up of world-schooling families from across the globe who share the common vision of education as a tool to propagate inquisitivity and invigorate a desire for lifelong learning.

Our students are between the ages of 10 - 12 years old.

Our Program

Our comprehensive program, inspired by Montessori and Cambridge programs, includes core courses of English, math, and science complemented by entrepreneurship, social studies, bahasa Indonesia, gardening, animal care, chess, yoga, marine biology and more!

What makes us stand out is our uncommon approach to classroom learning. Our technique is simple: create sincere moments of curiosity and harness them to reach specific learning objectives.

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